With the global pandemic reinforcing that safety is crucial, having an industry-recognized, award-winning safety program can serve as a differentiator for companies. The CREST Awards are open to all FCA members and registration opens Jan. 1.

While you wait for registration to open, it’s time to start gathering materials for the awards application. 

Here’s What You Can Prepare in Advance of the CREST Awards Registration Launch on Jan. 1

  • 3-6 photos representing your company’s safety compliance program.
  • Company logo
  • Your completed OSHA 300A form (click here for 5 steps to OSHA 300 reporting)
  • Answers to the following questions for the FCA CREST Chairman’s Award:
    -Describe how your safety program saved you money.
    -Tell us what makes your safety program work.
    -Provide three tips for managing a successful safety program.

Click here to learn more about the CREST Awards.