Board Member


Cle Elum, Washington

Favorite hobby or leisure activity
Hobby – working around our homes; from constructing to landscaping, build something, break something and then ‘finish’ it. Leisure activity – Golf, practice golf, play golf, think golf.

How long have you been at your company?

30 years; 1986 – 2016 started as an estimator retired as President and Owner.

What activities were/are you involved in?
Baseball – HS All-State 2nd baseman, coaching T-Ball through 16 yr olds. Rodeo – from Jr to Professional ranks, a Bull Rider and Clown. Trained horses for pleasure riding and/or roping. Nowadays it’s all golf and mountain biking. Did I mention golf?

What’s your favorite place to vacation or travel to?
Scottsdale, AZ. Monica and I are there 5 months of the year. Outdoor activities and near perfect weather daily. Golfing and Mountain Biking unending. I may have already mentioned golf. NOTE: Now that I am retired I appreciate just being with my wife more than anything. That’s my real vacation these days, seems simple I know, but I’m actually simple as well. Her sacrifices during all my working years were more than many.

What intrigued you about the industry you’re currently working in?
When I started (as a union Painter) it was a craft that you could see your accomplishments immediately…at the end of each day; we were the ‘finish’. Fast forward to Corporate Ownership….serving a customer to satisfaction greater than expected while providing employment and opportunities for many families to pursue their dreams and growth. I love the people in the Finishing Industry and the joy of building successful teams to accomplish what others would not try. Nearing retirement I was fulfilling a promise made to the company’s founder by giving back to the industry that helped build us. My desire was to seek and cause labor rest and contractor awareness and growth in our painting trade through fairness and honest behaviors working with labor as a true partner as we all sought market gains.

Favorite holiday?

Always was July 4th; also known as Cowboy Christmas – we could hit 6 rodeos in 4 days. In the last 10 years it has changed to Thanksgiving….nothing more special to me today than spending time with our family.

Early bird or night owl?

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
The ability to immediately recognize who’s not being honest and then cause them to instantly lose their voice and/or any ability to communicate until honesty overtakes them. I believe we cannot solve ANYTHING until we know what anything is and the actual conditions involved; be they labor, business, people, love or otherwise. If the aforementioned ‘superpowers’ fail the test then how about……Be able to play 18 Championship Golf holes and shoot 18, over and over again. I think that’s money!! or….be totally invincible to every 3rd bullet shot.

What’s one of your “bucket list” items?
A 5 Day Golf School with both of my sons. Spending time with my wife. I was truly focused on my career and our business for too many years. It’s her turn. Give me my wife and our families and I’m a damn happy country boy and Glad to Be Here….gtbh