In our continued effort to provide good content and information to our members, we partner with Bloomberg BNA to bring you the Construction Labor Report at a significantly discounted price. Long has this publication been considered indispensable by those who track developments in the construction industry, providing the latest news coverage on key employment and labor issues critical to all segments.

Whether you are looking for in-depth research or scanning the headlines, the Construction Labor Report brings it all together to keep you and your organization informed.

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Why We Subscribe

Weekly updates to key employment and labor issues critical to the finishing construction industry.

Latest information on labor management issues.

Make sense of complex statues, regulations, policies and legal procedures affecting your industry.

Monitor actions by management in signatory shops, as well as union/employee reactions and tactics.


  • Apprentices
  • Arbitration decisions
  • Collective bargaining
  • Contractor associations
  • Court decisions
  • Employee benefits
  • Federal & state legislation
  • Government regulations
  • Health & safety
  • Independent contractors
  • Jobsite accidents
  • Jurisdictional disputes
  • Labor laws
  • Minority business enterprises
  • Multiemployer pension reform
  • NLRB decisions
  • Pension & benefits matters
  • Prevailing wage laws
  • Productivity 
  • PLA’s
  • Substance abuse & control 
  • Training
  • Transportation 
  • Job targeting
  • Organizing
  • Worker shortages
  • Workers’ comp.
  • Labor demographics