AMPP – The Association for Materials Protection and Performance

NACE International and SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings have combined to form an association to serve the global corrosion and coatings industry.

NACE and SSPC standards have always been developed collaboratively through consensus by technical committees of industry professionals who combine their expertise to establish best practices.

Under the direction of our member contractors, FCA International provides a contractor perspective on input and feedback to influence the development of SSPC products and services, including industry standards that impact your interests, allowing you to focus on your business while maintaining a voice at the table.

Contact us at  if you have any comments or questions. FCA International participates as an active voting member on the following technical committees, sub-committees, and workgroups:

    C.2 Surface Preparation Interest Group

    C.2.24 Wet Abrasive Blast Cleaning

    C.2.25 WJ 1-4 Revision 2021

    C.2.26 Power Tool Cleaning of Non-Ferrous Metals

    C.2.3 Power Tool Cleaning

    C.3 Application, Inspection, Quality Control

    C.3.2 PA 2 Revision

    C.5 Environmental Safety and Health Interest Group

    C.5.3.A Containment 2020 Revision

    C.5.3.B Disposal Guide 7 Revision

    C.8.5 Commercial Contractor Certification

    Canvass 2020 Revision PA 2

    Canvass C3+C7 for PA 9 DFT Concrete 2021

    Canvass for TG 323 WAB Report Review 2020

Canvass Group (US) for CS 23.00 as ANS


SSPC Technical Committee Members

C.3.5 QP 1 Revision 2016

C.5.1.A SSPC TU 8 Revision

C.5.3.D 2015 Revision SSPC-QP 2

C.8 Commercial Coatings Interest Group

Canvass Group (US) for CS 23.00 as ANS

Canvass Guide 17 and PA Guide 10 Revision

Canvass_Group_Moisture Flooring


Poll Group for Commercial Floor Coating Material Standard

SSPC Technical Committee Member