2021 CREST Awards for 2020 Performance

CREST Awards Registration is open! In an era where safety is as important as it’s ever been, an award-winning safety program is a differentiator for companies.

Here’s what you need to enter the CREST Awards:

  • 3-6 photos representing your company’s safety compliance program.
  • Company logo

  • Your completed OSHA 300A form (click here for 5 steps to OSHA 300 reporting)

  • Answers to the following questions for the FCA CREST Chairman’s Award:
    -Describe how your safety program saved you money.
    -Tell us what makes your safety program work.
    -Provide three tips for managing a successful safety program.


The Safest Contractors in Construction

Winners and Top Finishers – CREST Awards 2020 for 2019 Performance

FCA International is proud to recognize the following contractors for their consistent commitment to safety excellence. CREST Winners and Top Finishers are among the safest contractors in their industry. This year’s CREST Awards were sponsored by Sherwin-Williams



Boss Glass Company – Dover, NJ Kelly Glass, Inc. – Peoria, IL
Empirehouse – Mounds View, MN National Glass & Metal Co., Inc. – Horsham, PA


Ceilings, Inc. – Norristown, PA  Performance Contracting Group – Lenexa, KS
Heartwood Building Group, Inc. – Philadelphia, PA  Sharpe Interior Systems – Valencia, CA 


Anderson Commercial Flooring – Oakland, CA City Carpet and Flooring – Detroit, MI


Coatings Unlimited Inc. – Bridgeton, MO Niles Industrial Coating – Fenton, MI
ECL Engineered Coatings Ltd. – Ayr, ON Redwood Painting Co., Inc. – Pittsburg, CA


Ascher Brothers – Chicago, IL Penington Painting Company – Chandler, AZ
Fedor Wall Systems – Fremont, CA Ralph E. Jones, Inc. – Harrisburg, PA
Mid Michigan Pride Painting – Flint, MI Tri-State Painting Co., Inc. – Evansville, IN


Titan Industrial Services, Inc. – Baltimore, MD  

CREST Award Top Finishers

Aetna Bridge – Warwick, RI Infinite Glass & Metal – Franklin Lanes, NJ 
Alliance Partition Systems – Arlington, WA  International Decorators, Inc. – Barrington, IL 
All-Tech Decorating Co. – Romeoville, IL Lankford – Painting Divison – Tinley Park, IL 
Architectural Glass & Metal, Inc. – Clifton Park, NY  Marando Painting Ltd. – Woodbridge, ON 
Bazan Painting Co. – St. Louis, MO  Misener Industrial Painting & Restoration – Fort Wayne, IN. 
Brin Glass Company – Minneapolis, MN  M.L. McDonald Sales Co., LLC – Watertown, MA
Cherry Hill Glass Co., Inc. – Branford, CT  Murphy Industrial Coatings – Signal Hill, CA
Cor-Ray Painting – Santa Fe Springs, CA  Renfrow Painting – Houlton, WI 
Eighteen Glass Co., Inc. – East Brunswick, NJ  Sabelhaus West Inc. – Pt. Orchard, WA
Frank Novak & Sons – Cleveland, OH  TEC Protective Coatings, Inc. – Waterford, NY 
Harmon Inc. – Bloomington, MN TJ Wies Contracting, Inc. – Lake St. Louis, MO 
Henderson Johnson – Syracuse, NY Universal Glass & Metal – Detroit, MI 
Howard Grote & Sons Painting Inc. – McFarland, WI Vulcan Painters, Inc. – Bessemer, AL 
Ideal Construction Services Inc. – Weston, MO  Zelinsky Company- Painting & Drywall – Kapolei, HI

About the FCA CREST Awards

WHY CREST: The Contractors Recognizing Excellence in Safety Training (CREST) Awards was created to provide international recognition to contractors who maintain effective safety programs. CREST Winners and Top Finishers are internationally-recognized for their commitment to safety excellence.

Explanation of Data

An award winner is chosen from each of the following categories. The categories are broken down by trade and annual hours. Additionally, the top 10 contractors in each category are recognized with a certificate as a Top 10 Contractor.

Companies are required to submit basic information followed by data associated with the leading and lagging measures. Formulas have been created to standardize values for these measures.

Architectural Glass & Metal 1 – 25,000 hours
Drywall Finishing 25,001 – 50,000 hours
Flooring 50,000 – 100,000 hours
Industrial Coating 100,001 – 150,000 hours
Painting& Wallcovering 100,001 – 150,000 hours
Sign & Display

Safety Program Efforts

For the leading measures, or evaluation of safety effort, the following data is collected:

  • Years the company has had a written safety program in place
  • Safety training orientation for all new employees
  • Employment of a full-time safety representative
  • Ongoing safety training
  • Number of employees who have current OSHA 10 or 30 training, which is OSHA’s basic, construction outreach training needed for supervisors
  • Safety program impact on the company

Safety Program Results -- EMR Trend

EMR is a measure of a company’s losses versus an expected loss for a company in that industry. Fewer losses or injuries/illnesses are equated with a better safety program. However, this calculation is based on a three-year average. To effectively use this measure, the trend over a four-year period offers a better picture of performance.

OSHA Log Data

The following are measures using the totals from a company’s OSHA’s Form 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses. Using the formulas established by OSHA, as noted below, FCA creates a level playing field by converting the total numbers to a rate per 100 employees. The FCA CREST Awards incorporate the rate into a formula that compares the various applicants and assigns a relative score to each.

Entrants are evaluated based on the following OSHA Log Data:

  • Total number of fatalities (fatalities are a critical factor and any fatalities occurring in the calendar year disqualifies the entry)

  • Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) Trend over a four-year period

  • Recordable Incident Rate (Total Cases x 200,000 / Total Hours of Exposure)

  • Lost Work Day Case Rate ([Deaths + Days Away Cases x 200,000] / Total Hours of Exposure)

  • Severity Rate (Days Away from Work x 200,000 Hours / Total Hours of Exposure)

DART Rate (Cases of Days Away from Work and Days of on the Job Transfer or Restriction) Restricted, Transferred and Lost Workday Cases x 200,000 / Total Hours of Exposure

Chairman’s Award Questions

The intent of the CREST Chairman’s Award is to recognize a contractor who has taken his or her safety program to new heights. The FCA Chairman of the Board uses the following three questions to select the winner of the CREST Chairman’s Award. Applicants’ safety rating is not affected by answers to these questions. 

Additionally, FCA may use responses from these questions during the award ceremonies and FCA publications.

  1. Describe how your safety program saved you money.

  2. Tell us what makes your safety program work.

  3. Provide three tips for managing a successful safety program.

The winner in each category is selected based on the overall value from the items above. The company in each category with the highest safety rating receives an FCA CREST Award. This process removes the subjective nature of which company has the best safety program in each category. FCA CREST Award judges review the data and calculations. The panel ensures companies meet the criteria and that there are no inconsistencies in what has been submitted. By doing so, FCA assures applicants that their efforts and the results are considered without bias.