FCA International regularly meets with the legislative and regulatory decision makers effecting your business.

“If you’re not at the table, you’ll be on the menu.” In the legislative and regulatory arena, never does this ring truer.

As workers have migrated away from union jobs, so have the lawmakers’ understanding of the union construction industry.

Reminding your lawmakers why they’re upholding Davis-Bacon prevailing wage laws, why it’s important to enforce existing independent contractor rules, why a proposed regulation is burdensome on our members, and on and on is a full-time job that not all contractors and local associations can do alone.

Legislative Representation
By leveraging the FCA Member Contractor community, FCA is present on Capitol Hill, ensuring your voice is heard when others are shaping your business environment. The speed of legislation can come at you fast, having someone on the ground is imperative to our effectiveness. Click here to ensure you’re getting the latest from Capitol Hill.

Regulatory Representation (OSHA & more)
Advocating for you against burdensome business regulations is as important as anything we do. Conversely, ensuring rule makers are enforcing their rules against your competition is important as well.

Congressional, Executive, Industry Relationships
“It’s not what you know, but who you know.” FCA has worked hard to cultivate meaningful relationships on and around Capitol Hill. Your influence on decision makers continues to grow as our credibility has grown over the years. Click here for more.

Here’s What We Think We Can Get Done This Year:

We’re hopeful there is room for bipartisanship around infrastructure, immigration, and training center accreditations.

Here’s What To Plan For:

-2021 CEA Legislative Virtual Fly-In – June 30, 2021
-Government Committee Call – June 30, 2021

Here’s How To Get Involved:

Legislative Update Calls – Join our legislative team for updates on what’s moving now on Capitol Hill.

Washington D.C. Fly-ins – Once safe again, speak directly to your representative and their staff. Your voice has the biggest impact.

Contact us for more information on the programs available to you.

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– Government Regulations on the Industry
– Misclassification of Employees
– Apprenticeship Funding
– Identify Grant Opportunities

– Misclassification of Employees
– Infrastructure Investment
– Bid Listing
– Public Private Partnerships
– Immigration Reform
– Trade Deals
– Oil and Gas Industry

-Multiemployer Pension Reform
– Prompt Payment
-Opposing Efforts to Modify, Suspend, or Repeal Davis Bacon Act