Multiemployer Pension Reform

Provide trustees the tools they need to ensure the viability of the fund.

FCA supports comprehensive reform that makes the necessary tools available to trustees to ensure the long-term viability of multi-employer plans and their contributing employers alike. FCA has been unwavering in their support for hybrid tools like Composite Plan Design. FCA has never supported a tax-payer funded bailout.

Prevailing Wage

Prevailing wage laws are under continuous attack. Many have their minds made up and do not wish to confuse the issue with facts.

FCA continues support for prevailing wage provisions in current law and in innovative financing options being enacted by Congress such as P3s. As workers have migrated away from union jobs, so have the lawmakers’ understanding of the union construction industry. Prevailing wage jobs have been proven time and time again to not cost the taxpayer more. We oppose the repeal of the Davis-Bacon Act.

Worker Misclassification

Enforce existing rules. Worker misclassification is tax avoidance & payroll fraud, it’s an unfair trade practice and robs the misclassified employee.

FCA supports tightening laws to stop misclassification of employees as independent contractors and close loopholes for tax avoidance/payroll fraud. Avoiding paying payroll taxes on employees amounts to an unfair trade practice and undercuts FCA member’s efforts to pay living wages and benefits.

Project Labor Agreements

Allow federal owners the option of utilizing PLAs where appropriate on federal projects.

FCA believes the Federal government agencies and contracting officers should have the same construction management tools for on-time, on-budget and quality construction as building owners in the private sector. Congress should continue to allow federal owners the option of utilizing Project Labor Agreements where appropriate on federal construction projects and should oppose any effort to prohibit agencies from using them.

Bid Listing

The federal government can be an advocate for small business by ending the practice of bid listing.

FCA believes the practice of bid shopping should be curtailed at the federal government level by requiring prime contractors to list their subcontractors when submitting their bid proposals.


We support a robust, well-funded, comprehensive infrastructure funding bill, the streamlining of the project permitting process, and oppose efforts to arbitrarily cut the federal construction accounts.