FCA International knows investing in safety can be profitable. Finding the tools and resources to separate you from your competition and make you profitable is our mission.

The pace of regulations and standards to stay on top of can be daunting. You don’t have to do it alone!

Leverage your FCA Member peers across the country. If you’re experiencing difficulty, chances are someone else is as well.

Safety Professional Consultant
FCA works with third-party professional safety companies in both U.S. and Canada to bring you the latest creditable information effecting your day-to-day business. We work with them to bring you Safety Manuals, Exposure Control Plans, Bulletins and Newsletters, Toolbox Talks, a Safety Hotline and more. Make sure you get the most out of your FCA investment by taking advantage of these member benefits. Call or email safetyhelpline@finishingcontractors.org with your safety questions.

Safety Professional Community
By leveraging the FCA safety community, we can address the issues you face on your jobsite each day. The signatory contractor community can have unique jobsite complications – let’s come together and develop solutions that drive our industry forward. Contact us today if you want to be a part of the solutions.

Safety Professional/Industry Education
Staying on top of the latest regulations and best practices can be difficult by yourself. FCA hosts monthly safety calls and webinars to help you combat the firehose of information. Our safety professional-led discussions are a great opportunity to learn, share and grow. Contact us today to ensure you’re a part of the next discussion.

FCA Member Hotline:

Call (844) 414-SAFE for your safety answers.
Whether double checking local COVID regulations, looking for quick safety answers or just bouncing ideas off another safety professional, the FCA Safety Helpline is available to contributing FCA members.

Here’s What to Plan For:

Nov. 22 – Respiratory Protection

Dec. 27 – OSHA Top 10 and the OSHA 300/300A/301 and Electronic Submission (Recording)

Jan. 3 – CREST Award Registration goes live

Here’s How To Get Involved:
Safety Community Calls
Join our safety community for a topic driven presentation and discussion.

Safety Bulletins:
Fixed Ladder Requirements, Harnesses
Preparing for an OSHA Inspection
Lock Out/Tag Out
Arc Flash

Contact us:
fca@finishingcontractors.org for more information on safety resources for both U.S. and Canadian members.