Director of Legislative Affairs


Philadelphia, PA

Favorite hobby or leisure activity?
Running, biking, gardening, deep sea fishing, and refinishing furniture.

How long have you been at your company?

Ten years

What activities were/are you involved in?
I was involved in football, baseball, and Forensics (speech and debate). Currently, I run seven miles three times a week.

What’s your favorite place to vacation or travel to?
Sea Isle City, NJ

What intrigued you about the industry you’re currently working in?
I enjoy the art and science of politics, along with educating FCA International members about it.

Favorite holiday?

Early bird or night owl?
Early bird gets the worm!

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Time travel to the past.

What’s one of your “bucket list” items?
Purchase a restored 1952 Turquois Blue Convertible Buick Roadmaster Coupe.