Enhance FCA’s effectiveness locally, nationally and internationally in labor-management activities by:

Supporting labor-management cooperation through FCA and its appointed trustees.

  • Support FTI efforts in providing educational and training resources for instructors.
  • Support FTI efforts in raising training standards, recruiting and retention policies.
  • Support LMCI in providing strong labor-management solutions.
  • Support IPAT Pension Trustees in their fiduciary and administrative responsibilities.

Creating systems to educate, participate in and monitor the CBA process.

  • Provide legal advice and guidance.
  • Educate current and future management negotiators.

Providing management trustee education.

  • Educate current and future trustees.

  • Provide legal advice and guidance.
  • Leverage assets to influence decision makers.

Developing and consistently updating a shared vision and goals with our industry partners.

  • Facilitate annual, international strategic planning sessions.

  • Facilitate annual, regional strategic planning sessions.

Assisting our labor partners to provide, promote and enhance a qualified and productive workforce.

  • Assist in the development of an ebb and flow program.

  • Assist in the development of education and certification.
  • Support workforce development.

Maintain a high-quality organization by:

Adhering to consistent and cohesive governance practice.

  • Adhere to association bylaws.

  • Adhere to association policies.
  • Adhere to all local, state and federal regulations and requirements.
  • Implement, develop and modify standard operating procedures.

Expanding the FCA community using creative and innovative programs and incentives.

  • Provide networking opportunities.

  • Establish and maintain partner programs.
  • Establish FCA as an industry resource.

Ensuring financial stability.

  • Establish and maintain annual financial targets.

  • Maintain short and long-term investment policies.
  • Establish and maintain FCA financial controls.
  • Establish and maintain partnership agreements.

Developing an exceptional FCA staff.

  • Provide personal and professional development opportunities.

  • Develop and maintain individual and team accountability processes.
  • Empower staff with leadership opportunities.
  • Provide essential tools and work environment to maximize productivity.

Establishing international brand recognition.

  • Develop a membership branding program.

  • Develop an industry-partner branding program.
  • Engage in industry-sponsor opportunities.

Enhance industry-wide communications by:

Maintaining regular industry communications.

  • Develop and maintain a master communication plan.

Providing a comprehensive electronic presence.

  • Enhance and maintain the FCA website as an industry resource.

  • Enhance FCA’s social media presence.

Connecting with entire membership.

  • Distribute regular, industry publications.

  • Develop a word-of-mouth communication program.

Establish media relations to promote FCA members and organization.

  • Develop media partnerships program.

  • Leverage our industry partners’ existing relationships.

Establishing and enhancing industry relations.

  • Take part in cross-association and industry-organizational participation.

  • Execute the FCA marketing program.
  • Facilitate relationships between FCA Advisory Committees and vendors.
  • Educate the industry on FCA contractors’ value.

Increase contractor competitiveness and profitability by:

Empowering members to participate in decision making processes.

  • Drive member participation in FCA committees.

  • Diversify FCA members in leadership roles.

Hosting and participating in industry events.

  • Provide educational and networking opportunities through FCA events.

  • Promote labor-management meetings.
  • Provide regional and international representation at industry events.

Expanding educational opportunities.

  • Create distance-learning opportunities.

  • Develop an international network of colleges and universities.
  • Partner with manufacturers to bring industry innovations.
  • Increase educational consultant network.
  • Provide live seminars.

Providing safety and quality programs.

  • Provide tools and resources compliant to local and national regulations.

  • Provide safety and quality education.

Developing and deploying innovative programs that assist contractors in increasing market share.

  • Promote FCA contractors as a resource to decision makers.

  • Leverage industry professionals to educate decision makers.
  • Increase contractor profitability.

Assessing members’ needs.

  • Develop members and partners survey program.

  • Provide industry and trade-specific forums.
  • Provide post-activity evaluations.

Enhance legislative and regulatory advocacy programs by:

Creating, influencing, promoting and opposing legislation and regulations.

  • Develop FCA as a credible legislative entity.

Securing funding and legislative opportunities.

  • Identify workforce development and training grants.

  • Identify economic development opportunities.

Building relationships with members of national and local legislative bodies, their staff and relative agencies.

  • Provide a national and local legislative presence.

  • Maintain and enhance legislative fly-ins.
  • Develop a congressional ambassador program.

Developing legislative strategies.

  • Collaborate with FCA committees.

  • Collaborate with industry partners.

Creating an issue advocacy program.

  • Leverage the FCA community.

  • Target contractors with specific intent.