AMPP Executive Director Helena Seelinger provided FCA the following update for FCA contractors.

Following 2021’s merger of SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings and NACE International, The Corrosion Society, AMPP (the Association for Materials Protection and Performance) was created to serve coating and corrosion contractors, suppliers, and professionals in all related fields. As the two organizations merged, members have participated in the design and development of all AMPP programming. Moving forward, coating contractors will find the best programs and services of NACE and SSPC combined in AMPP.

The AMPP held the final Coatings+ conference last December. Moving forward, the AMPP is delivering a new, annual “AMPP Conference + Expo” event that combines the best of SSPC’s Coatings+ conference and the best of NACE International’s CORROSION conference.


The SSPC’s QP Program was a key topic of the final Coatings+. The QP meetings included virtual participation to ensure widespread input from AMPP members. Here are some highlights:

  • The SSPC QP Program now has 440 contractors (up 27 from a year ago).
  • The QP Core Subcommittee reviewed updates to applicator skill requirements within QP audits and program improvements to CAS Level 2 “Full,” C7 and C12, and CAS Level 2 “Interim.” Improvements include shortened examinations, elimination of questions on coatings inspection, allowing C7 and C12 recognitions to earn credit toward CAS Level 2, and more.
  • Click here for more information on the QP Program.


The AMPP also announced a new Corporate Membership add-on program designed just for Coatings Contractors. The “Quality Pro” add-on will provide participating QP contractors with discounts on the QP program, new certifications and renewals for individuals, visual standards, online education and more. This add on is only available to the coatings contractor community, and it was designed after several focus groups with contractors.


The AMPP will be providing further updates on the QP program and other AMPP programs at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo being held March 6-10 in San Antonio, TX. The event will include many sessions of note to signatory coatings contractors. Including:

  • The Premature Coatings Failures Forum based on hundreds of real-life coating failures investigated by the presenter during his 40 years in the coating industry.
  • A Coatings 101 Workshop will provide an overview of an industrial protective coatings project, including design considerations, material selection, surface preparation guides, ambient conditions, and basic quality control techniques.
  • A session called “What Does a Facility Owner Look for in a Quality Coating Contractor?” where leaders in the coating industry will share what facility and equipment owners look for in a quality coating job and in a contractor.
  • The Protective Coatings Workshop – interactive workshop, designed for coatings applicators, inspectors, and contractors of all experience levels.

Signatory contractors can contact AMPP Executive Director Helena Seelinger by phone at (540) 623-8205 or email at with any questions regarding the new AMPP.