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Custom industry reports are available to you from the Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) through your FCA International affiliation.

CLRC maintains the largest and most reliable union wage and fringe benefits database in the construction industry. Data are categorized by geographic region, city, craft, year and other useful factors.

The following reports are available for customization:

  • Market Share Study – shows what percent of a given population in a defined geography is worked by union contractors. This report helps contractors more precisely define market share, and it can help document impact of specific programs (e.g., market recovery, new classifications).
    • Market Share Study with Sectors – adds to the standard market share study by parsing market share information into sectors (e.g., residential, commercial, industrial, etc.)
  • Union-Nonunion Wage and Fringe Benefits Comparison – tangibly show the difference in both dollars and percentages between union and nonunion pay and fridge benefits by comparing a specific local’s wage and fringe benefits to nonunion data for that craft in the same geographic location.
  • Benchmark Analysis – graphs actual wage and fringe benefit rates compared to indexes (e.g., CPI, nonunion) over time to show the trend.
  • Contract Costing – a detailed cost analysis of 8-12 clauses in a labor contract (e.g. 2nd shift, foreman ratio, cleanup time, etc.) on a per employee per hour and total cost basis to help parties in collective bargaining better understand the real costs associated with contract language.
  • Construction Data Record – comprehensive overview of economic, workforce, pay and other important factors. It covers national and local geographic areas as well as construction and other industries for comparison. This report provides relevant background data on topics familiar and useful to contractors.
  • Workforce Planning – evaluates a specific local’s employment trends and combines that with growth projections to determine future workforce needs. This report provides useful data for planning apprentice classes, understanding workforce demographic information and other related topics.
  • Survey Development, Administration and Analysis – the CLRC will develop, administer and analyze a custom survey for your local area. These surveys are useful tools for collecting information from key constituents (e.g., owners, contractors, etc.).

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About the CLRC

The Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) is the nation’s foremost resource for data and research on union crafts in the construction industry. For over 40 years, the CLRC has been the construction industry’s most trusted sources for union labor costs, contract evaluation, market share studies, workforce demographics, and related information. The FCA International CEO serves on the CLRC Board representing the interest of the finishing trades.