FCA International has represented drywall contractors’ interests in recent industry documents and standards to help ensure these industry guides would not have any unintended consequences for our drywall contractors.

Gypsum Association – GA 214 Levels of Finish for Gypsum Panel Products

FCA provided contractor perspective and input on a recent review and update to the Gypsum Association’s GA-214 industry document. This document is intended to assist industry professionals to describe the finishing requirements, written in specific terms, enabling all contractual and interested parties in a project to understand expectations.

As FCA reviewed the draft updates, we consulted with drywall contractors on provisions we felt could have an unintended consequence on their business. For example, the document at one point required drywall primer being used on all three levels of finish. After our discussions with drywall stakeholders, we shared our contractors’ perspective with the group, and the primer requirement was changed to a recommendation to be included in the final paint specification.

In the end, all segments of the industry were heard and the industry came together to produce a quality document. The new GA-214 -2021 document is expected to be published later in December.

ASTM International – C 840 – Industry Standard for Levels of Finish

ASTM International recently began review of its ASTM C 840 standard, which is the industry standard for levels of finish. We anticipate this standard will be aligned with the updated GA-214 document.

As a committee member on the ASTM committee that oversees the standard, FCA has shared contractors’ perspectives gathered from the GA-214 discussions in our initial discussions on proposed changes to the standard. FCA will continue promoting our contractors’ voices and perspectives as this process continues. While we are in the early stages of the review process, we will keep drywall contractors informed of any coming changes or updates that could affect their business.