The latest OSHA COVID-19 workplace guidance provides employees additional means to ensure confidence at the workplace. Specifically, item #13 recommends, “Implementing protections from retaliation and setting up an anonymous process for workers to voice concerns about COVID-19-related hazards.”

The FCA COVID-19 exposure control plan was updated to meet this recommendation with the following addition addressing raising COVID-19 concerns in the workplace:

Employees are encouraged to report any COVID-19 hazards in the workplace, or to raise any other questions or concerns they may have concerning workplace safety and health, to their supervisor or to the COVID-19 Supervisor as soon as possible. COMPANYNAME will not retaliate against any employee for raising, in good faith, concerns regarding COVID-19 safety.

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(NOTE – U.S. contractors who have already requested their company’s COVID-19 exposure control plan should have received an email with this update last week)