The Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) has released their Industry Settlements Year End Report for 2021. Click on the following thumbnail to download the report.

This report contains both general and detailed information on compensation for union craft workers in the construction industry, as analyzed by the CLRC. Data is presented for the nation as a whole, nine geographic regions, and 18 different craft classifications.

More Industry Settlement Resources Available to FCA Members

FCA International is a board member of the CLRC, ensuring signatory contractors’ interests are represented and that FCA members have access to the best settlements and labor rate data. Signatory contractors have access to other CLRC resources (such as non-union wage & fringe benefit comparisons, workforce planning, marketshare studies and more) at a reduced cost with their FCA membership.

Click here for more information the other services available to you through the CLRC. If you have any questions regarding CLRC products and services, contact Carey Peters by email at or by phone at (865) 414-2678.