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FCA International is participating with a committee of industry experts, technical personnel and contractors that are performing the five-year review for the Interior Guide. If you have any input you’d like to share with the committee, send them to us at and we will ensure your comments and feedback are heard.

About the Interior Guide

The Interior Guide was developed to help understand the issues and concerns that come between the industry trades of gypsum board finishing, paint and wallcovering applications and what is stated in project specifications. This is believed to be the first “Guide” that not only addresses the applications and finishing of gypsum board, paint and wallcovering in one document, but is also created by a consensus group of professionals from the trades.

This guide was developed to assist architects, designers, specification writers, contractors and owners to help provide a better understanding of the common strengths and weaknesses that are inherent within these materials and their applications. Understanding and incorporating the proper materials and applications into the jobsite specifications should enable all parties involved to agree and understand the requirements of the application of material, and how the final decorated surface should appear and perform.