FCA International has received many inquiries regarding leadership changes at the IUPAT. See below for information on IUPAT leadership new General President James A. Williams, Jr. shared during a recent FCA Board of Directors meeting.


General President

  • James A. Williams, Jr. (as of Sept. 1, 2021). As IUPAT General President, Mr. Williams is also the Labor Co-Chair for the iFTI, LMCI and LMP.


  • Gregg Smith

Vice President Appointments

  • Paul Canning
  • Mike Gutierrez

Click here for more information on IUPAT leadership.


International Painters & Allied Trades Pension Fund

  • Ryan Anderson, BM/ST, DC 30 – new labor trustee (stepped down as LMCI/LMP trustee)

Finishing Trades Institute International

  • Brian Courtien, BM/ST, DC 51 – new labor trustee 

Labor Management Cooperation Initiative (LMCI) and Labor Management Partnership (LMP)

  • Todd Springer, BM/ST, DC 5 – new labor trustee
  • Shane Smith, Director of Organizing, IUPAT – new labor trustee
  • Mark Komaromi, Director of Servicing, IUPAT – new labor trustee