OSHA published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) to revise its standards for occupational exposure to lead. While the original comment deadline was Aug. 28, it was argued that due to the breadth and complexity of the technical issues involved in this ANPRM, more time is needed to gather information and coordinate responses from organization members to deliver a comprehensive response. OSHA agreed to extend the deadline 60 days to Oct. 28.

The FCA International Industrial Coating Contractor Advisory Committee has formed a task group to review this ANPRM and submit comments on the proposed rulemaking. Click here if you would like to be involved in your industry’s response on permissible lead exposure levels.

More Information from OSHA on Proposed Rulemaking:
“The ANPRM seeks public input on modifying current OSHA lead standards for general industry and construction to reduce the triggers for medical removal protection and medical surveillance and prevent harmful health effects in workers exposed to lead more effectively.

OSHA asks the public to comment on the following areas of the lead standards:

  • Blood lead level triggers for medical removal protection.
  • Medical surveillance provisions, including triggers and frequency of blood lead monitoring.
  • Permissible exposure limit.
  • Ancillary provisions for personal protective equipment, housekeeping, hygiene and training.

The ANPRM will also gather comments on employers’ current practices that address workplace lead exposure and associated costs and other areas of interest.”

Click here for more information on the ANPRM.

If you’d like to submit your comments separately, you can do so at https://www.regulations.gov/commenton/OSHA-2018-0004-0001.