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A recent report from CPWR – the Center for Construction Research and Training – found that union contractors are at the forefront of comprehensive hazard planning and mitigation in the construction industry. The report underscores the higher adoption rate of safety protocols on union job sites, providing another compelling piece of evidence for signatory contractors to highlight the advantages of hiring union labor over non-union.

Here are some quick insights from the report of note to signatory contractors:

  • Union vs. Non-Union Practices: Union contractors are more likely to provide individualized personal protective equipment (PPE) compared to non-union (93.5% vs 75.9%).
  • Pre-Task Planning: Union contractors have a higher percentage of foreman and crew members involved in pre-task planning (89.8% vs 71.3%).
  • Emerging Technology: Members of trade associations reported a higher usage of emerging technology to improve safety compared to non-association members (64.4% vs 46.4%).
  • Heat-Related Injury Prevention: Union contractors reported the highest percentage with written heat stress programs and strategies like providing water, rest and shade (96.3%), worker training (79.9%) and environmental monitoring (58.3%) to manage heat exposures.

These are some great data points for contractors to showcase to their customers the value of hiring union contractors.