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FCA International is pleased to announce that the first issue of our new publication, The Signatory, is now available! This magazine was created to provide our industry with a business resource specifically for signatory contractors. Take a look at the first issue’s headlines.

  • “The Viewpoint – A Letter from the Chief Executive Officer”
  • “Collaborative Negotiators Create Bigger and Better Deals – Why Hardball Negotiators Get Poor Outcomes”
  • “Suicide is a Problem – Especially in Construction”
  • “SCOPE – Directly Connecting Contractors and Owners with One Platform”
  • “FCA International Conquers Contracting Reform in the 118th Congress”
  • “Final Rule Reduces Change Order Burdens”
  • “The Personal Side of Personal Guarantees”
  • “Contractors and Unions Create Industrial Painting Opportunities”
  • “How a Quality Management Program Can Help Your Sales”
  • “Withdrawal Liability: What Do You Need to Know?”

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