Click here to access the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan’s training path for trustees on multiemployer funds

There are few positions that can impact our industry as much as trustees on multiemployer funds. Educated trustees can be the difference between a fund successfully navigating difficult economic times vs. struggling to meet the challenges of such a period. The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) has laid out a trustee education path for multiemployer trustees.

Signatory contractors understand that what you don’t know can hurt you and cost you. Multiemployer trustees must understand a wide array of issues, some of which are often beyond the scope of their typical business knowledge. The IFEBP’s trustee education path ranges from training for new trustees all the way through training for a trustee to become a certified employee benefits specialist. This is an excellent resource for contractors who want to expand their trustee education. Watch the short video below to learn more about this education path, or click here for more information.