Click here to access the new Suicide Awareness Toolbox Talks that were added to the FCA Toolbox Talk Program.

FCA International’s Toolbox Talk Program expanded with the addition of new talks aimed at addressing mental health and suicide prevention in the construction industry. Suicide continues to impact the construction industry at a significantly higher rate than the general population. The new Toolbox Talks are useful tools contractors can leverage to generate open discussions on this important topic. Click on the links below to access the individual talks or use the link at the bottom of this page to request your company’s toolbox talk access.

List of Suicide Awareness Toolbox Talks Added to FCA Toolbox Talk Program

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These talks are the latest additions to the FCA Toolbox Talk Program, which is a library consisting of over 200 toolbox talks (categorized by trade, industry, etc.) covering topics affecting signatory contractors and their teams. The talks are available in English and Spanish. The FCA Toolbox Talk program is included in your FCA membership.

Each company is granted one key its full team can use to log in. If your company has not yet requested your Toolbox Talk access, click here and use the form at the bottom of the page!

Additional Industry Mental Health Toolbox Talks

  • Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention Mental Health Toolbox Talks
    (5 talks on: “Awareness – The Risk of Suicide in Construction,” “Decrease – Changing the Statistics of Suicide in Construction,” “Normalize – How to Talk About Mental Health and Suicide,” “Safe – Mental Health and Suicide Prevention as a Safety Priority,” and “Train – How to Talk to Someone at Risk of Suicide.”
  • IUPAT Helping Hand Program Toolbox Talks – English | Spanish
    (8 talks on: “Be the One,” “Lifeline,” “Mental Health and Suicide Prevention,” “Mental Health Resources,” “Opioids in Construction,” “Risk of Relapse,” “Workplace Safety,” and “You Are Not Alone.”)