UPDATE: this educational series event was held. Click here to access a recording of the presentation.

Signatory contractors may be familiar with the term “withdrawal liability,” but they may not fully understand how withdrawal liability impacts their business. Join us for an FCA Educational Series event on Thursday, Feb. 18 at 12 PM CT with FCA’s IPAT Pension Fund Counsel.

Attendees will learn:
-What withdrawal liability is and why it exists
-The circumstances when a company owes withdrawal liability
-How withdrawal liability impacts your business
-Withdrawal liability considerations to be aware of when looking to sell or transfer ownership of your business

About the Speaker:
Mike McNally
Mike McNally
Management Trustees IPAT Pension Fund Counsel
Mike McNally is the management trustees’ Fund Counsel for the International Painters and Allied Trades (IPAT) Pension Fund. Mike is an expert in benefit and labor law, and he regularly advises clients on issues relating to multiemployer pension plans and withdrawal liability