FCA International Participates with four ASTM main committees and multiple sub-committees and workgroups on behalf of our contractors. Below is a list of the ASTM committees and a few of the standards and workgroups with changes in the last few months. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the ASTM standards or workgroups.

Committee C11.02 – Workgroup 60330
WK60330 – New Test Method for Impact Testing of Gypsum Board outside 90 Corner Systems. Review and development of Proposed New Standard Test Method on Impact Testing of Corners. This standard is currently under development. This work item continues to progress through the review and peer approval process.

Currently, each manufacturer uses a different test method. The intent is to standardize the method used to determine the impact resistance of corner products. This will be used by contractors, owners, specifiers, and so forth to determine which product is right for their specific application and project.

Committee D01.42
D3450 – Standard Test Method for Washability Properties of Interior Architectural Coatings has been reapproved and is available as D3450-15(2020) This test method covers the relative ease and completeness of removal of a specific soilant from such a surface by scrubbing. The greater the ease of soil removal with a minimum of film erosion, the greater the useful service life is expected to be.

D4828 – Standard Test Methods for Practical Washability of Organic Coatings has been reapproved and is available as D4828-94(2020) This test method provides a way to assess relative ease of soil or stain removal from a paint film using materials common to households. This test method includes a way to evaluate the film for washability properties and changes in appearance.

D6900 – Standard Test Method for Wet Adhesion of Latex Paints to a Gloss Alkyd Enamel Substrate has been reapproved, available as D6900-10(2020) This test method covers a procedure for measuring by scrubbing the adhesion of latex paints to glossy alkyd enamel substrates after exposure to wet conditions.

Committee D01.46
D4417 – Standard Test Methods for Field Measurement of Surface Profile of Blast Cleaned Steel has been revised to D4417-20a. These test methods cover the description of techniques for measuring the profile of abrasive blast cleaned surfaces in the field, shop, and laboratory. There are other techniques suitable for laboratory use not covered by these test methods.

Note: SSPC standard SSPC-PA 17 provides additional guidance for determining conformance with surface profile requirements.

E06 Performance of Buildings – Other Standards in Review Process

Committee E06.55
E3223/E3223M – Standard Guide for Specifying and Testing Field-Constructed Exterior Building Wall System Mockups in New Construction is a new standard now available as E3223/E3223M20. This guide is intended to assist the construction team in evaluating the constructability, functionality, sequence of construction, interference, tolerances, component performance, and assembled system performance of the exterior wall systems.