Electrical safety isn’t always top of mind when at the workplace. But those who take electricity for granted and may not have an understanding of the hazards can have the most exposure to electrical hazards. You don’t need to be an electrician to encounter electrical hazards at the workplace, and OSHA requires employers provide training to both electrical and non-electrical workers exposed to hazards.

Electrical Hazard Safety Training

Electrical hazards can be found on jobsites, in maintenance shops, in factories and other environments. Even the simplest of jobs can have serious exposures to electrical hazards. Here are some examples:

  • Penetrating drywall-covered walls and ceilings.
  • Working in suspended ceiling areas.
  • Working around abandoned circuits that may still be energized.

Besides the activities associated with the work listed above, tools and equipment also require attention. Be sure to keep an eye out for damaged cords, outlets, panels and conduits in your workplace. Constant reinforcement of safe work practices will help electrical safety become part of your company’s culture.

Reinforcing Electrical Hazard Awareness

Understanding, monitoring and correcting electrical safety hazards can be lifesaving. Safety procedures such as the identification of unsafe conditions and behaviors as well as reporting and corrective measures should be discussed with workers. Ensuring workers know not to look the other way if they see a problem is key to a safe working environment. An ordinary task that can create an unordinary hazard is the use of extension cords. Some companies institute an inspection of extension cords before and after work. Crews and supervisors also monitor the conditions of the cords throughout the day. If damage is found, the cord is immediately removed from service for repair or discarded if necessary. Some companies also prohibit driving or rolling over extension cords, which reduces both the chance of injury due to shock and property damage due to fires.

Electrical Safety Resources

FCA has toolbox talks addressing electrical safety in both English and Spanish. Below are a few of those resources from our toolbox talk library.

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Safety is for Everyone – Amerisafe Group

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