With more and more GCs and owners requiring vaccines to work on their job sites, the FCA team has received several questions from signatory contractors about COVID-19 vaccine policies. Read on for a quick Q&A on vaccination policies that contractors need to know.

Q: Can contractors implement a COVID-19 Vaccine Policy?

A: Yes. Keep in mind that the policy must be fairly implemented and must be made clear to your employees.

Q: Do contractors have to collectively bargain to implement a COVID-19 Vaccine Policy?

A: No. However, it is strongly encouraged that you communicate with your local union to discuss your intentions.

Q: Can the union file a grievance for a contractor implementing a COVID-19 Vaccine Policy?

A: It’s not expected that you will find language in your CBA that would allow a grievance to be valid concerning a contractor’s right to implement a COVID-19 vaccine policy. The IUPAT has communicated to FCA that they will discourage local unions from filing grievances against a contractor who implements a fair vaccine policy.

Q: Does the IUPAT support owner-required vaccine policies?

A: The IUPAT sent a memo on Sept. 8 supporting vaccines and the employer’s prerogative to implement a vaccine requirement.

Q: How can I get a vaccine policy?

A: FCA has developed two policy templates for signatory contractors: a Mandatory Vaccination Policy and a Non-Mandatory Vaccination Policy. Click here to learn more and download.

If you have additional questions regarding vaccine policies, contact FCA at fca@finishingcontractors.org or give us a call at (866) 322-3477.